Hello friends! I apologize for a very late post! It’s been really busy around here, but here I am today! Luckily, this morning I had some time and wanted to write about something really cool that I’ve been trying… Aromatherapy! I had a Lavender Vanilla Yankee Candle sitting on my desk for the longest time […]

No Gym? No Problem

Use your smartphone to workout. In this post, I recommend some of the best and free apps to download for workouts that can be done anywhere. No gym or equipment necessary. Apps for Working Out Lots of free apps designed to create workouts at home are available for smartphones and tablets. From yoga to cardio, […]

Food Groups & Classifications

Education and knowledge about what one’s own body needs is crucial for understanding how to create balanced meals. Below is an explanation of each food group. The information gathered here is gotten from from the United States Department of Agriculture and also that provides nutritional information for teenagers about their health. In case […]