Hi! My name is Victoria. I am so happy that you are here!

My two most favorite things to do are writing and traveling! You’ll find these two on this blog and more things about myself, like how while I love to bake, I often assume recipe measurements instead of actually measuring them. Or, you’ll also discover that while I love traveling, I have my fair share of failed attempts to practice foreign languages (click here to read more about that post).

Writing makes up a big part of who I am and I channel my inner blogger here on this website! So adventure the world, journals, or new and exciting content.

Please feel free to contact me at talkbyvictoria@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy navigating through the posts and perhaps get the chance to either get out of your seat and travel somewhere, or do what I’ll probably be doing at the moment: starting a brand new journal. If you need somewhere to start, see here!

Have a great day!

Victoria 🙂

P.S. The alpaca up above is from Peru. That’s where I not only learned I loved alpacas and llamas, but that I also have extreme altitude sickness!

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