Hi! My name is Victoria.

Victoria Foley, the girl behind the blog!

Welcome! I’m delighted that you are here!

I created this blog back in 2017 to do the heart and soul of the things I love most: sharing optimism, positivity, and encouragement out into the world.

Here’s a little bit more about me: my two most favorite things to do are writing and embarking on service! You’ll find a lot of these two on this blog and more things about myself, like how while I love to bake, I often assume recipe measurements instead of actually measuring them. Or, you’ll also discover that while I love traveling, I have my fair share of failed attempts of practicing foreign languages (click here to read more about that post). I’m also a junior at Amherst College, double majoring in Law and Spanish, and a proud mammoth!

Writing and sending messages of love make up a big part of who I am and so I channel my inner happy-go-lucky blogger (even inner Podcaster) here on this website! So come here to get inspired, or hear from individuals passionate about change, or maybe learn something neat that might change up your skincare routine (just kidding, I don’t have even one), but most importantly, I hope this blog gives you that push you need to spread your light into the world.

Please feel free to contact me at victoria@talkbyvictoria.com or using the form provided below. I hope you enjoy navigating through the posts and get the chance to either get out of your seat and start some activism somewhere, or do what I’ll probably be doing at the moment: planning a cool volunteering event that I have yet to receive funding for. If you need somewhere to start, see here!

With a lot of llama love,

Victoria Foley

Mission Statement

Talk By Victoria strives to bring inspiration into this world and ignite people to make positive change through serving others and appreciating the little things. From smiling at a stranger, to writing a letter, to becoming a mentor for younger students and much more, Talk By Victoria intersects humanity, kindness and a passion to strive to always do good. I highlight stories, people and ideas that bring beauty and benevolence to life. Acts of charity can happen in the most simplest of ways, seamlessly seeping into our quotidian lives.


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