Hello everyone!

My name is Victoria. To share a little bit about myself, I love to eat (just see this blog), cook, bake, exercise (depending on the type), and write!

I also take an interest in eating well, cooking and baking nutritious meals, exercising regularly, and writing on this blog!

Through Talk by Victoria, my goal is to promote healthy eating and exercise! A big portion of my blog is dedicated to educating young kids and teenagers about healthy habits. Education about making nutritious choices will help them stay fit in the long run and prevent diseases caused or induced by malnutrition.

Please feel free to comment or email any questions, any recommendations, or just your thoughts about the posts. Contact me at talkbyvictoria@gmail.com. I hope you navigating through the posts and gain some insightful information.

Learn, get motivated, and be inspired to care for your health!

Much love,