I want to hear from you! What’s been your experience with my blog?

Hi there, everyone! Happy new year! It’s an exciting year for this blog because we got a new season of the Talk By Victoria podcast coming out (with some amazing guests!) and we also got some cool blog posts that will get you motivated to continue or start some awesome stuff! I’ve just finished my fall semester at college. Now, I’m back at home in Northern Virginia. We got a whole bunch of snow yesterday! Nearly a foot! We also lost power for a few hours, but luckily it came back last night. It really made me appreciate power. Did anyone else get a lot of snow recently?

Before the content begins this year, I want to hear from YOU! It would mean the world to me if you could fill out this four question survey. What do you want to see? What’s been your experience with TBV? Please share your testimonials as well. This will help my blog expand and give other people the confidence that this blog could be life-changing for them and for their future endeavors!

Sooooo, let’s begin the survey!

Please fill out this survey! It would mean the world to me!

Thank you all so much! Once again, I appreciate this dearly. I always have my audience, AKA you all (!), in mind as I compose and produce my pieces. Cheers to the start of a hopeful year and new ideas!

Guess what? I’ll be abroad!

I’m headed off to Spain in less than a month to study there for my spring 2022 semester. I’m currently a junior at Amherst College, and I’ve adored my time there. I can’t wait to share with you all my experiences there and be keeping you all updated with pretty pictures on my Instagram and also on here!

Get excited for the new content coming soon! It’s gonna be awesome.

Talk soon!


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