“We Have The Tools For Hope”: Atenea Gimenez, a Venezuelan college student and volunteer teacher, demonstrates how to light up the darkest of moments

Meet Atenea, once voted as the future CEO of Latin American Leadership Academy (LALA) by her peers in the academy (I was there to witness this). She has a passion for leadership and promoting educational resources to college students. Atenea emits rays of hope and she only wants to spread her waves even further. In this interview, she shares her greatest advice (you’ll want to write it down!) and also her personal struggles, especially in the current political climate of her country. From teaching to studying to volunteering, this 20 year old lets nothing stop her from shining her light. She volunteers with Asociación Venezolano Americana (AAVA). She began other leadership programs in Venezuela and graduated from the Latin American Leadership Academy (LALA) in 2019. Upon meeting her in my own LALA bootcamp, she immediately showed her passion for positive change.

I’m excited for you all to listen! Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcast and other platforms.

A transcript will be coming soon! I wanted to release the Podcast episode soon, as I have a sponsor! But it will certainly arrive right after I finish my midterms! For now, enjoy some photos of her work below!

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