Pump Up Your Mindset This Spring!

Hello everyone!

Yes, I have been absent from this blog for quite sometime. Ever since the second semester of college started back up, I have been busy with my own school work and also blogging for the Admissions office of my university. I have not abandoned blogging– merely, I have just taken my blogging skills to another platform so that I can earn some coffee money.

Spring is coming! At least on the east coast of the United States it is. Refresh your mindset and get pumped for the amazing months we have ahead. I have created a list of ideas that I think will prepare you for success, motivate the heck out of you, and make you feel ready to tackle whatever goals you have in mind right now.

Let’s dive right into it!

Looking for things to do?

Who here enjoys checking off boxes on their to-do list? I have a few ideas for you to do around the house and that will allow you to check off a ton of important boxes on your list. Here we go!

Organize your closet

Have you ever color coded your closet? Have you ever completely folded all of your random t-shirts? When was the last time you donated your old clothes? 

Start now! If you need motivation, watch Marie Kondo’s T.V. show on Netflix. She organizes the homes of families in such an impressive manner that I promise you that you definitely will want to start sorting your stuff ASAP. Watch this video to see how she folds basic things!

This was my closet back at college before I left home for winter break.

I enjoy switching my closets about twice a year. I store my winter stuff when spring arrives and vice versa. It makes me feel brand new again when I do so! I’ve even done this in my dorm at college.

If you realize that you have a ton of clothes to give away, put them all into a recyclable bag. When you are able to safely drive out of the current state of quarantine, drop these off at your local GoodWill or donation center. You will definitely feel so good after doing this. 

Books. How many do you have?

Where you do stash all your old books and magazines? Which ones are you ready to donate? Which ones do you want to put on your nightstand?

In January, I realized that I had a ridiculous amount of books. I couldn’t believe the amount that I had! I donated the ones that I knew I wasn’t going to read again, and I even reread some books, like Pride and Prejudice, my all time favorite movie and book.

Perhaps you treasure all your books so much that you would never want to give them away. Completely valid choice. Start organizing all those books so that it’s easy to find them. Clear out a drawer or bookshelf so that you start your organization.

Use snail mail.

Who do you want to write a letter to? Who haven’t you heard from in a while? Who do you want to surprise with a card?

It’s time to put your pen to paper and begin writing letters to people! I absolutely adore doing this, and I highly recommend that you ask your closest friends for their addresses so that you can write to them! Don’t you love getting mail? Mail that isn’t bills, that is.

Make use of your Wifi.

What internship applications must you get done? What job postings do you want to make? What blog do you want to start? Should I update my LinkedIn profile?

As a college student, it’s time for me to start thinking about internships, particularly for this up and coming summer. Thanks to COVID-19, I get to stay at home in Northern Virginia and continuing my application process. Do you what you need to get done.

Thank you for reading this post, friends! I think that when we do these small, self-care fixes, we give ourselves more time to do other things, and we get to breathe in a space that’s nice and clean. Plus, I always feel super proud of myself when I see an organized closet; it’s nice to feel that reward!

I hope that you all are staying safe and also binge-watching some great T.V. shows. Feel free to drop some recommendations down below in the comments!

Talk soon,


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