Decorate Your Door: Pin the Pinterest Quotes This Time

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are doing well! Today, I introduce you to a hidden love of mine: door decorating! Under the paragraph title “Get to know me!”, I write down an essay that I once submitted as part of a college application. I feel as though this will not only explain the silly things all around my mirror, but perhaps you will also find some inspiration to make a quote/vision/inspiration board of your own!

Let’s dive into it!

Get to know me!

The best way to know about all that I am and what I strive to be is to look at the backside of my bedroom door. It might take a little help from me decoding the symbols, but there are hundreds of quotes, stickers, flags, cut-outs, and pins that represent something unique about me. Four noteworthy treasures are: an elephant puppet, a newspaper cut-out, a superlative prediction, and a 15th birthday card that together illustrate the four values I hold most dearly.


Hanging over the left corner of my mirror is a gray elephant puppet. My chiropractor gave me this puppet three years ago when I had a serious back problem that I eventually overcame. I remember feeling defeated when I had to take time off from the cross-country and track seasons to devote hours in therapy and recovery. This elephant reminds me of my resilience from my injuries and setbacks. I’ve become more grateful for my health and appreciate the seasons I get to play.

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The elephant puppet!

My favorite cut-out is one that I took from “Street-sense Media,” a newspaper written by the homeless in Washington, D.C. One day, on my way to an appointment, I saw a lady selling newspapers on the ground. In an act of kindness, I bought one from her. When I read the newspaper later, I made a personal connection since I saw that her name was Melody. She wrote about wanting to begin a new life with stable housing, food, and transportation. I cut out Melody’s picture to remind me to be grateful for my blessings and to remember to give back to the community.

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Melody Byrd from Street Sense Media.

At the bottom of the mirror, alongside a picture cut-out of Amal Clooney, rests a pink, rectangular paper that reads “Most likely to help millions of people as a successful human rights lawyer.” This superlative was given to me by my school friends after watching me partake in a diversity day presentation. I have a passion for pursuing human rights that is seen through the social justice campaigns I join and also seen through the pins and solidarity with refugees posters scattered around the door. Seeing a mini Amal Clooney, an international human rights lawyer, reminds me of her courageous example that I strive to follow. These items depict the future that I want to pursue.

A glittery birthday card from my parents takes up the entire left side of my mirror. I placed this letter there because it contains important pieces of wisdom that my parents wanted me to remember. This letter represents my quirkiness and sentimental side of keeping almost every letter, card, or note that I have received since I was in elementary school. I have a love for letter writing, journaling and being a pin-pal. I treasure the emotions, love, empathy, and practically anything shared within a letter.

Seeing these small keepsakes every morning or when I close the door remind me of the values I want to continue exemplifying and the goals that I strive to complete.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! Have a fantastic week.

Much love,


Quote of the post:

“If you cannot make sense of why you worry, perhaps its because God wants to display his glory through your healing and restoration.” ~Mo Mydio


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