The Cat Cafe: Pet Cats While Drinking Coffee

Hi everyone!

I hope you all have been doing well! To begin, I went to this cat cafe about nearly five months ago! Located right on the main street of Georgetown, Washington D.C., this cat cafe known as Crumbs and Whiskers rescues cats who would otherwise be euthanized, and they let people adopt these cats! What a genius idea! Typically, I prefer dogs to cats, but after pet-sitting some cats and visiting Crumbs and Whiskers, perhaps I could get along with both types of animals.

Look at how cute this cat is! He was sleeping right next to me at the Crumbs and Whiskers cafe.

Last post, I spoke about how looking at cute animals basically makes life easier to handle.  Why not continue with that theme? Next time, instead of sitting down at any random cafe to work, stop by a cat (or any animal) cafe.

Let’s dive into it!

How does a cat cafe even work?

Officially, I have only visited a cat cafe once. You do have to pay a fee to enter into the cafe, but the fee changes depending on how long you plan to stay there. My friends and I went to this cafe one afternoon after track practice; we ran a mile and then hopped out of some ridiculously-hard long-distance practice because “we had something to go to.” Technically, we did, and, plus, at least we ran a mile.

How chic and cute is this cafe?! Literally in love with the design!

Anyways, since my old school resides in Georgetown, we walked about fifteen minutes to M Street and found ourselves in the Crumbs and Whiskers cafe. Considerably hidden underground (kinda), one might miss it, so definitely search the location online before you go! We waited in line to get in because we arrived on a day where the place had a ton of bustling customer, eager to start petting cats, just like us.

Can you spot the sleeping cat in the right corner?

Too amused with the cats that lurked all around the cafe, I did not order anything to drink; however, a person can order coffee through the cat cafe and the employees will bring it to them. The actual cafe, where they brew the coffee, sits right behind/outside of the cat room, just so that, you know, a cat doesn’t come and sip your coffee as they prepare it.

So the cats just run around?

This adorably-decorated space has a ton of comfy rugs, bean-bags, tables to sit, and even an elevated sitting area filled with huge furry pillows where the cats practically hang around. Some cats move around and want to play with you. Others just lie down and fall asleep. I sat down next to a black cat who so beautifully fell asleep in my lap; basically, that moment was the highlight of my life aside from the time that I saw Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in person (Whattt? You didn’t know that I saw her? In person? Check out that post about her here!)

This is me with a cat!

Furthermore, you can adopt some of the cats! Yes, that’s right! My family has allergies to practically every single type of living animal out there, so I cannot adopt a pet, but, if you can, definitely consider it! Like I mentioned before, this cafe saves cat from being euthanized. Their mission is not only for you to get some happiness from the cats but to also bring these cats into a permanent home. That’s why you need to visit a cat cafe ASAP.

Let’s go!

Definitely check it out! The Crumbs and Whiskers chain often moves locations, so do not hesitate to go, even for just fifteen minutes. The cafe has coffee table chairs and places for people to work, so if you plan to hit the books or want to journal in a new spot, visit one of their locations. If no Crumbs and Whiskers cafes are in your area, simply search for coffeeshops like these.

There are super cute places to hang out, like this aesthetically pleasing spot!

I wish you all a great rest of your week! Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions concerning this topic, or of course, anything else! Keep positive. Keep journaling. Keep doing whatever makes you happy and gives you life.

Much love,


Quote of the Post:

“The growth of a writer is to become less and less embarrassed about more and more” ~Marvin Bell

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  1. oh my goodness!! I want to go there so bad!!!! There’s a cat cafe in San Marcos, TX but it’s 45 minutes away 😭. I hope you had a great time with the kitties!!!

    Miss you!



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