Do Pictures of Puppies Really Make You Happier?

Hello everyone!

First, I would like to wish everyone a happy (and belated) halloween! I hope you all spent it well. Now that I’m in the Northeastern U.S., the weather has gone fully into fall, and arguably, perhaps even winter with its thirty degree weather in the early mornings. Despite the weather, the scenery is absolutely beautiful out here with all the leaves and changing colors! Of course, I am totally soaking in the whole fall atmosphere, with its apple cider donuts, pumpkin spice lattes, and cheesy fall decorations. Yes, I’m that type of a person, haha! Did you expect anything different?

In fact, with thanks to the beautiful time of year, I have seen a whole bunch of cute dogs walking outside, some with tiny sweaters and even halloween costumes! Recently, I went to a college football game where all of the families and alumni brought their dogs and pets! It was amazing! I pet so many dogs, and I every time I see one walking to class, I still ask the owner to pet it!

With all the dogs I’ve been seeing (and following on Instagram! @banethebulldog, @hugotheenglishbulldog), I wondered whether the quote that I once saw on Pinterest was true: Does looking at cute animals really make you happier?

According to CNN, the things, animals, etc. that share similar features to a baby appear attractive to a human. The article also explains that when a person sees something that they like, a chemical called dopamine gets released in the brain that makes the person feel happy (That is, if I’m not mistaken by my lack of science. For the full article, click here).

Let’s Look!

In speaking with someone over coffee on Friday, they mentioned how this time of year can be really cool with its festivities, holidays, and colors, but it can also feel very chilly, literally and metaphorically. So, to spice up the season (OMG! Did you see that pun?), I decided that today I would include some cute pictures of animals.

My goal is to make you smile today. From dogs to cats to to llamas to alpacas to a peacock, enjoy my photos! Happy smiling!

P.S. I will include fun facts about each animals, courtesy of the website The Fact Site, except for the very last one about llamas, which is from TripSavvy!


Fun fact: Did you know over 60% of households in the U.S. have a dog?


Even more dogs!

Fun fact: The oldest ever living dog lived 29 years and 5 months!


Fun fact: President Abraham Lincoln had four cats when he lived in the White House.


Fun fact: Males are peacocks. Females are called peahens. Together, they are called peafowl.

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Felipe the peacock. Found at a resort in Mexico. One of the many loves of my life.

Alpacas & Llamas!

Fun fact, thanks to TripSavvy: A typical llama will live approximately 20 years!


I hope that by now, you are smiling, whether it’s laughing at my facial expressions or relishing these animals’ adorable faces! I will talk more with you all in the next coming week! Now, by looking at all these photos, I really wish that I could adopt a pet.

Have an amazing week! Whatever lies ahead, I know that you will get through it.

Much love,


Quote of the Post:

“Make every effort to live in peace with everyone.” Hebrews 12:14


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