Sick of audiobooks? Check out Podcasts.

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Between being my family’s chauffeur this summer and sitting in a ton of traffic, Podcasts have become something that I frequently listen to. I began the summer with listening to a lot of audiobooks from my local library, but soon, I found myself kind of bored with just plain listening. Plus, some of the wait for those library books take forever! For the book The Hate U Give, I’m number #365 on the wait list.

Thus, I turned to Podcasts. If you are unfamiliar with Podcasts, think of them as radio segments. While you workout, walk your dog, drive around, or wait around somewhere, consider diving into some of these, all ranging from topics such as actual radio shows to comedy, interview segments, self-help, random topics, and more.

You can listen to podcasts on various sites. I listen to them on the Apple app called Podcasts through either my iPhone or iPad, but they can also be found on Spotify, too. Each podcast that I mention will be linked.

Let’s get into it!


To listen to the news, I often enjoy listening to a few different Podcasts. While some are only five minutes, others are almost an hour, extensive in its content and researched well.

No more than five minutes long, this podcasts updates every hour to give you the latest news. It’s perfect to listen to as you brush your teeth and get ready for the day. It’ll catch you up with all the news of the world.

Instead of just five minutes and reporting the biggest headlines, NPR 1A has much longer episodes explaining topics more in depth.

This podcast, produced by The New York Times, launches daily and delivers the latest news about a single subject. For example, some focus on big problems that continue to unravel information, such as Borris Johnson and the British Parliament, among others.

It literally does what the title says it does. This podcast gives the news everyday in slow French; as I am still learning French, this is perfect for me. Admittedly, it’s actually sometimes hard for me to understand, but it’s awesome because it’s only about ten minutes max.

Motivation & Self-Help

This is by far, probably one of my favorite podcasts EVER! These episodes are perfect for driving and waiting by. Ranging from twenty to thirty minutes in length, I have gotten so many tips and incredible advice about real topics such as self-confidence, purpose in life, and embodying the person you aspire to be.

I also want to give the creator of this podcast a shoutout! Follow @case.kenny on Instagram. Subscribe to his Prsuit newsletter, a newsletter that comes out twice a week describing topics that he often covers in his podcast. He is always posting really awesome content.

Created by Kimberley Quinlan, this podcast talks about ways to manage anxiety and OCD, while also interviewing experts within these fields. I have found these podcasts to be helpful with some really great thinking techniques. If you like this podcast and would like to dive more into an OCD-themed podcast, check out The OCD Stories, as well.

The true @yogagirl creator Rachel Brathen talks about things related to health and wellness within her podcasts, often about an hour in length. With a soothing voice and a very relatable personality, Brathen is an awesome podcaster that always leaves me feeling propelled to do something more healthier in my life.

Talk Shows & Interviews

Designed for millennials (and in my opinion, for Gen-Z, too!), this Podcast covers all things relating to pop culture. I am a proud toaster (the name for a fan of the podcast)! Approximately an hour long, this podcast always delivers “the fast five stories you need to know before you take a bite out of your morning toast”, a phrase of which is said everyday, Monday through Friday around 10:30 AM. In case you would like to see them record live, watch them on their YouTube. They always have such trendy and cute outfits!

The Joe Rogen Experience consists of the host, Joe Rogen, interviewing practically any celebrity out there. From 2020 Presidential Candidates to Hollywood movie stars, it feels as though almost everyone has been on this show. I find the interviewer hilarious, and I like to listen to these podcasts when I get tired of listening to music.

Christian Podcasts

This could also fall under motivational podcasts, as the Pastor Kim speaks about such inspiring topics and tells the audience about the ways God has worked in her life. She has this incredible faith and gives really real advice.You should download her app, too! It’s called Real Talk Kim, and twice a day, it sends you some awesome daily reminders about prayer and God. I love it!

Created by Delight Ministries, this podcast talks about topics that intersect college and Jesus. Intended for college-aged women, this podcast is an incredible because it’s very honest and very inspiring. For me, I have absolutely loved it and I also really like Delight Ministries and their books. Give it a listen!


That’s a wrap for this week! What’s awesome is that some of these podcasts are only five minutes long and can give you a whole bunch of information. Sometimes when I’m at the gym and I get tired of my music, I go straight to these.

Have an incredible day, and I look forward to talking with you all soon!

Much love,


Quote of the Post:

“Those who don’t know how to weep with their whole heart don’t know how to laugh either.” ~Golda Meir


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