The Fill it Forward Campaign: Reuse to Give Access to Clean Water Globally

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According to Cupanion, everyday women and girls spend about 200 million hours collecting water. Clean water still remains as a big problem globally; Cupanion reports that 1 in 9 people do not have access to clean water. Let’s fix this! 

Cupanion is this amazing reusable water bottle company. Each time you use their stickers on your reusable bottles and/or purchase their water bottles, they donate money towards giving clean water to a person and/or community in need. Today, I’ll explain how this happens and how you can contribute to this amazing cause right now! P.S. It starts with downloading a free app!

Let’s get into it!

Reuse. Reduce. Restore.

Below, I dive more in depth about where and how to buy Cupanion stickers and water bottles and the steps towards setting it up; however, I first want to explain how this jaw-dropping process works and how reusing water bottles gives people access to clean water all over the world.

Each sticker from Cupanion or water bottle purchased comes with a sticker that contains a barcode. People can place these stickers onto their water bottles. When an individual refills his, her, or their water bottle, they snap a picture of the barcode on the Fill it Forward app that one can download onto their smartphones or tablets. After it is scanned, Cupanion then knows to donate money towards clean water campaigns!

You can see the exact location and clean water effort you are contributing to when you refill the bottle. In the app, underneath the name “Water Projects”, one can view the place that is need of clean water. For example, my reuses are currently going toward water education resources for indigenous school in Canada. Start doing this now!

My favorite part of the app is the ability for people to see what they are conserving by choosing to use reusable water bottles. Called Footprint in the app, you can view the amount of plastic you have prevented from being made, the amount of waste you stopped, power and emissions that were conserved, and the amount land that you saved from being used all from just refilling your water bottle. See your efforts in action!

Invest in the Fill it Forward Bottle.

Cupanion has an online store where you can purchase individual stickers to place on reusable water bottles or buy their own water bottles that come with the sticker. Stickers cost only $4.95 on their website! You can purchase these and put them on any of your favorite reusable water bottles.

If you choose to purchase a bottle from the website, there rests an array to select from stainless steal to clear water bottle containers. Do not throw away the sticker! This is how you donate the money. My dad happened to bring me back a Cupanion Fill it Forward bottle from an Amazon conference where they handed them out for free. I have the standard 18 ounce bottle.

Note: When you buy a Cupanion water bottle, you do not have to buy a sticker; it already comes with one! Make sure to not accidentally through it away, either!

Fill it Forward has a life-time guarantee. How amazing is that? Cupanion not only dedicates their efforts towards ensuring customers are donating to clean water initiatives but they also make sure that customers are satisfied with their products.

Instructions to Set it Up:

When you order your sticker or your bottle, there will be a sticker and small paper with instructions that comes along. Place this sticker, containing your barcode, anywhere onto your water bottle. Then, download the Fill it Forward App. When you create an account, you can register your water bottle and its size and then begin donating money! Each time you fill up your water bottle, head to the Fill it Forward app where you can scan the barcode and then start giving access to clean water all over the world!

Educate Yourself.

To learn more about this initiative, visit Cupanion and check out their blog that describes easy ways to help out the environment. You can also subscribe to their monthly newsletters and investigate more about their cause. Definitely view it!

Our world faces a large problem not only with clean water but also the plastic that gets poured into our water ways. I highly recommend seeing this Netflix documentary called A Plastic Ocean. According to the Ocean Conservatory, 8 million metric tons of plastic goes into the ocean. Let’s fix that.

Go keep being curious and investigate. Speak about the injustices you see. Commit to using reusable water bottles.

I’ll talk to you soon! For now, keep reusing those bottles! Buy your sticker now!

Your friend, Victoria

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