Vital Voices: An Organization for Female Empowerment

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I hope you all have been doing well! A few nights ago, I was privileged to attend the Vital Voices 18th Annual Global Leadership Awards. Like my first time going two years ago, my second time attending this event still moved me and greatly inspired me, and I aim to impart the same zeal for change and social justice that I received into you all today.

I’m diving straight in to talk about Vital Voices, what it stands for, the recent and mind-blowing nominees (they’re amazing!), and how you can get involved!

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A picture from the program booklet received at the 2019 Vital Voices 18th Annual Global Leadership Awards.

Vital Voices: True Female Empowerment

This organization shines a light on the incredible female leaders of the world, making remarkable change, often in their communities or in places that they have witnessed or experienced injustice.

Vital Voices finds these leaders and helps them through mentoring, funding, and furthering along their projects. In 2017 and 2019, I was lucky to attend their annual leadership awards, where some of these outstanding women receive recognition for their incredible success.

There’s nothing more amazing than getting to know and see these remarkable role models in person. Hearing them persevere through hardships and continuing to fight for the better of society leaves me with the same ambition and encouragement that I could even do something similar one day.

To find out more about Vital Voices and the work they have done, including past awardees, visit their website.

Meet this year’s winners

Casting a light on this year’s awardees, I hope to briefly talk about them and instill a sense of curiosity and awe for their work. These are some of the most incredible women in the world!

I encourage you to investigate more about the jaw-dropping accomplishments and projects these ladies are doing. You, too, can continue to support their efforts. If there’s one thing that each awardee echoed, it was that any person can achieve anything they to which they set their mind.

Diane Von Furstenberg

This remarkable woman continues to sculpt the world with her leadership and female empowerment through working with Vital Voices. Diane Von Furstenburg is also the founder and chairman of DVF Studio. In her acceptance speech, she noted that one must uplift other people, especially women, and in Furstenberg’s example, extending our wisdom and resources to others. She was awarded the Global Trailblazer Award.

Habiba Ali

As the founder, managing director, and CEO of Sosai Renewable Energies Company, Habiba Ali has transformed how many have utilized energy in an efficient and safe manner, particularly in her home country of Nigeria. With her humble and kind disposition, she truly epitomizes someone who seeks to help those around her. I got the incredible chance to speak with her after the award ceremony, and she radiates optimism and hopefulness. She was awarded the Economic Empowerment Award.

Rouba Mhaissen

Improving the lives of Syrian refugees, Dr. Rouba Mhaissen has made a lasting impact on the quality of living in refugee camps in Lebanon. Founder and director of Sawa for Development and Aid, Mhaissen captivated the audience with her powerful acceptance speech that focused in on choosing love over hate, and understanding that each individual ultimately shares the similar hopes of happiness and safety, among others. She was awarded the Human Rights Award.

Saskia Niño de Rivera

Transforming the criminal justice system in Mexico, Saskia Niño de Rivera helps juvenile offenders and children born and raised in prison have a second chance at life beyond imprisonment. Empowering them with the resources and education they need, Rivera positively changes the way that those in the justice system are treated. She was awarded the Leadership in Public Life Award.

Amanda Nguyen

CEO and founder of the nonprofit organization Rise, Amanda Nguyen has passed major laws to defend the rights of sexual assault survivors. After experiencing how unjust the criminal system of the United States treated those who had experienced sexual assault, Nguyen began to rewrite many laws pertaining to this subject, including writing the Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights. Her work and dedication is truly incredible, and she’s a big role model for me. Additionally, she was nominated in 2018 as a 2019 Nobel Peace Prize nominee. She was awarded the Light of Freedom Award.

Get Involved!

I found out about this organization through a club at my school that’s dedicated to this group and often supports and attends their events. If you are currently in school, consider starting a club that might follow Vital Voices, or one rooted in the same cause.

On Vital Voices’ Get Involved page, you can find more ways to support this group and donate. On Amazon, you can make Vital Voices your supported charity, and for every purchase you make, .5% will be donated to this organization. What a cool and easy idea!


Thank you so much for reading! I hope this post sparked a lot of inspiration and motivation to pursue your passions. These ladies are all huge role models for me, and it was a such a privilege being able to see them in person and hearing them speak. As shown by these women, it’s possible to rise above the setbacks and achieve justice.

Have a wonderful day!

Quote of the post:

“Justice should not depend on geography.” -Amanda Nguyen

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