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I hope you all have been enjoying your time since we last talked. Right now, I am currently on spring break, and I can’t wait to indulge into some awesome books. Over the past two months, I’ve gotten to read some useful self-help books from this incredible author named Sarah Knight. Today, I’ll be presenting you two of her latest works that I got the chance to read, and of course, highly recommend!

Knight is one of the most authentic authors ever! The best part about absorbing her wisdom was being able to laugh out loud while I read her books. Their complete honesty, relatable moments, inspiration, and laughter beautifully thread together information about how confront difficult emotions, particularly those relating to anxiety.

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Sarah Knight’s self-helps books are so funny and packed with useful advice!

If you’re a person seeking some self-help with stress, low self-esteem, and unhappiness, then these books will provide you buckets of tips, tricks, and much needed humor. After reading two of her pieces, I will definitely check out her others! Enjoy this review as much I enjoyed reading her books.

Note: These titles really are what is written and shown below (yes, verbatim!). They do contain some adult language; however, the author’s diction adds to the book’s wit and humor.

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A hilarious self-help book!

Calm The F*ck Down

This is the title of the book: Calm The F*ck Down. Sarah Knight centers this book around learning to cope with anxiety and stress while determining the best way to deal with these uncomfortable feelings.

Through sharing her own story with anxiety, Knight describes the most practical and effective techniques that have helped her deal with it the most. The best part about this book was the way that she instills self-confidence within you; she’s a motivator who knows how to get her point across.

Calm The F*ck Down gives you short self-tests, guides, and plans for you to start adopting these practices into your daily routine. For example, Knight has identified how to strategically deal with the feelings of anger, anxiety, sadness, and avoidance. I go back to this part of the book when I am confronted with these feelings. So the next time I’m feeling really sad and anxious about something, I know that practicing some simple self-care and concentrating on some work will minimize the presence of these emotions.

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A shorter book than Calm The F*ck Down but still contains the same humor.

The Life-changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck

Again, this truly is the title. This book switches into learning how to prioritize yourself, your happiness, and make room for success. Knight challenges the reader to analyze where they allot their time, energy, and money to understand where their sources of discontent come from. Could it be that I never make space for my favorite pastime? Does it come from failing to my divert energy into activities I’ve always wanted to try? Through discovering what you want to do more of and also do less of, Knight helps you redesign your life into the one that you have always wanted—and then you get to live it!

The best part? The author also helps you learn how to say no to things that truly bring you down. Whether you’re struggling to get out a job that you greatly dislike, or you wish you could let go of a hobby you feel obligated to do, The Life-changing Mage of Not Giving a F*ck tells you how to get out of these situations and also how to eliminate the restrictive emotions of self-doubt.

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A short little excerpt of Calm The F*ck Down.

Make the Change You Want to See

The category of self-help is one of my favorite genres to read! I always feel inspired while I read and finish the book with the energy to enact whatever advice the author gave.

Tip: When I read self-help books, especially like these, I enjoy highlighting key phrases that will help me in the future. I also like jotting them down in a bedside notebook so that I can refer to these bits of information when I need them. If you see a line or piece of advice that you want to remember, don’t hesitate: write it down.

I purchased Calm The F*ck Down at Barnes&Noble and bought The Life-changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck on Amazon. If you enjoy listening to books, check out this app called OverDrive. Using your free public library card, you can rent out books to read and listen to on any smartphone, tablet, or device. Perhaps while you clean or while you’re in the car, you can try out the OverDrive app and begin reading. I use OverDrive all the time, and I love how I can either choose the eBook copy of a book or the audio version.

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A distance shot.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all try out one of Sarah Knight’s self-help books. Her series is called the nof*cksgiven guide. If you enjoyed reading this book review and would like to see some more, go check out the Books section of this blog.

I wish you all a lovely week! I am so excited that soon we will have warmer weather up here. Stay positive and enjoy the season!

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