Books & Journals to Start & Read for 2019!

Hello everyone!

As I spend today observing the snow falling outside, I thought about the all incredible books I’ve read, received, and am excited to share with you all! A few of the books I’ll share today have become my favorites, keeping them by bedside and highlighting or putting a sticker next to the best quotes.

Not all of these books did I originally pick for myself. Perhaps one the best books that I received for Christmas was a bucket list book that I never would have bought for myself. Thank you to all those whose thoughtful presents pushed me to see something new!

Before starting my list, I hope that you find sometime to think about what books you could read next. For me, most of the books that I read are for school, but I have found myself taking this new year to read a lot non-traditional styles of books that have really expanded my thinking and have brought me new insights. I’ll list them below. Also in the wake of the new year, I’ve started journaling more frequently and in new ways, so of course, check out the featured journal recommendation!

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

Edited by: Kathy Stathers

Shoutout to my wonderful friend Maria who bought me this book for Christmas! Almost within the first two days of me having received this book, I found some small stickers to put next to the things I had already done.

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The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

Seeing these creative recommendations prompted me to really contemplate where I would like to travel and even study abroad. It was also really refreshing to look at these images and imagine myself sitting on a beach or on the top of a cliff, or maybe doing something out of the ordinary, like being a part of human tower in Spain— yes, it’s a neat thing!

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A sample page! The red heart on the left hand page is a sticker that I put on to show that I’ve already done that thing. The item was going to the Alhambra palace in Granda, Spain. About four years ago, I got to experience all of southern Spain. I should do a post on that experience!

If you have the chance, read a book that you would not typically pick up for yourself. Take a glance at coffee table book you’ve received, or one that actually sits at that table in your local coffeeshop. Thank you again, Maria! 😉

Great Quotes from Great Women

Author: Peggy Anderson

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The perfect, short coffee table book that’s a fun read! P.S. It’s filled with amazing quotes!

A really inspirational read, this book highlighted the importance of perseverance and how to not let the small interruptions in life ruin one’s motivation. Gifted to me from my wonderful mother, I read this book before going to bed and I got to absorb all of the great wisdom from incredible women throughout the world’s history.

The book begins by introducing a quote from a woman, and then describing her background and her contributions. Then, the section continued by artistically displaying interesting and thought-provoking quotes from her. Here’s a quote from the book by Golda Meir, a founder of the state of Israel and its fourth prime minister:

“I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.” ~Golda Meir

If you love reading quotes, may I suggest some others books? First, check out this post I did about how awesome quotes are and how to incorporate them into your everyday life.  Definitely check out 365 Days of Wonder by R.J. Palacio that has a quote for each day of the year.

Cole&Sav: Our Surprising Love Story

Authors: Cole and Savannah Labrant

You may know them from YouTube, but today you can read their book and get to know more about their lives. Funny story! I love watching them on their YouTube channel and Instagrams, but about two weeks ago, I walked into Barnes & Noble and wanted to get their book. Then, almost immediately, hiding on the left side of a bookshelf, I saw a Signed. Copy. Of. Their. Book! Not kidding!

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A really beautiful read that leave you feeling re-energized and happy!

Of course, I bought the one and only signed copy of the book in the store and started reading it that day! The book talks about their lives, how they met each other, and how they try to live a life based on Christianity. Their story is incredible, and for me, it was a page turner! I would read this book at night and wouldn’t stop until I felt myself falling asleep. Their unique coincidences, ways that they found themselves, and formed their futures was inspirational and brought me a lot of positivity.

In case you’re snowed in, like the rest of the D.C. area, you can try to download a copy of this book online. Also, there’s an app that I have called Libby that lets you read and download books from your local libraries. Libby was actually how I started reading this book!

Q&A a day: 5 Year Journal

I have mentioned this book before in an earlier post, and I feel the need to bring it up once again since it’s an amazing journal that becomes a documentation of how you have changed not only over the years but even everyday!

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If you’ve been following this blog for a little while (awwww, thank you!), you’ll know how much I love cute journals like these! Also, to the upper left is my Happy Planner agenda.

You can start any day, such as January 1st or like I did, on December 25th, and begin answering short questions about yourself. 2019 marks my third year journaling in this book, and everyday, I see how my values, tastes, goals, and quirks have changed. Questions ranging from my current work ethic to my resolution to tomorrow make me reflect on myself for at least two seconds of the day.

What’s also really cool is looking back at the questions from the years before. It’s funny to see when questions like “Write down a new fact you recently learned” pop up because those answers are so random, but yet I can picture myself in the scenarios where I learned them. You can find this journal in Barnes & Noble, or my one of my favorite stores, Papersource.


So, if you’re anxious to read that new self-help book you’ve always wanted, or maybe you want to start listening to some interesting Podcasts (in which case, please share!), do that now! If you’re stuck at home during this snowy time of year, download a book from online if you don’t have one next to you and begin your adventure.

Also, I love journaling, so if you are more excited to do that, check out these posts below! And also, don’t forget to share with me what you did!

Feel free to leave any comments down below! Any book or journal recommendations? Let me know what books you love or are eager to read next.

Have a great week, and if you’re on the Northeastern coast of the United States, enjoy the snowy weather! The quote of the post:

“Lasting change is a series of compromises, and compromise is alright, as long as your values don’t change.” ~Jane Goodall


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