Make the Best Gift Ever

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A jar full of quotes! Hopefully, this is a gift that you will soon make and find a lot of joy within. This is my dad’s jar of quotes of which I have to fill up soon!

Hey everyone!

Happy Fall-has-officially-arrived! I’m so excited to be sharing this post with you all today because this hobby of mine is one of my favorite gifts to make for people. I hope that this activity will become a joyful pastime that makes you grateful and reflect on words of wisdom.

This special gift of mine is called a quote jar! I love constructing these, and soon, you will, too! Down below, I outline the process step by step and give you some helpful tips to get you started.

Before I delve into the gift-making, I wanted to share with you all why this activity makes me so happy. I explained in an earlier post that I love reading and writing down quotes because it forces me to reflect upon short pieces of inspiration that often uplift me and inspire me to find gratitude. One day, I was scrolling through a social media site called Pinterest and found this incredible idea to make a jar full of quotes for every day of the year!

Soon, I made my first one for my mother’s birthday. She absolutely loved reading the daily quotes and continued asking me to refill her jar with new precepts. The process of creating this gift for her exposed me to so many wonderful and motivational quotes that I jotted down in a journal. The two photos below show the first quote jar that I ever made using a recycled Snapple bottle.

I found it timely to share this creation with you all because a) ’tis the season soon for the gift giving! and b) making this thoughtful craft might bring you some peacefulness and a moment to do a selfless act for the ones you love! Finally, perhaps you might want to make your own self a quote-of-the-day jar!

I’m so excited to share this gift with you all! Let’s get started!

What You Will Need

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The journal I use to write down my favorite quotes, featuring my favorite pen.
  1. A jar! You might imagine that 365 quotes all shriveled into small pieces of paper would only need a small jar, but I encourage you to find a jar that’s about a foot long. I find really cheap and beautifully modern ones at TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods. You can buy a jar after you complete writing down all of the quotes, so don’t feel like you must get this now.
  2. Sheets of paper to jot down the quotes. I sometimes cut up square-size pieces of paper or rip out small note sheets from an abandon journal. The paper I use sometimes has a creative rim around it or might just be blank. Pick whatever type of paper you’d like!
  3. A bag to store quotes in. I sometimes use a brown paper bag or plastic bag. You can reuse the same storage bags, too!
  4. A journal for yourself! When I begin writing down quotes, I often times come across a quote that really speaks to me. That’s when I write it down in my little world map journal. When I need some encouragement, I flip back to those pages.
  5. Your favorite pens. I love using felt tip pens because they leave behind a clear imprint on the page. I also just enjoy writing with them! 🙂

Where do I find the quotes?

There exists an endless amount of ways to find quotes! Below, I’ll share the ways I find quotes for the different gifts I create. Depending on the person I make a jar for, I select proverbs that I think they might find the most beauty in. For example, when I picked quotes for my best friend last Christmas, I made sure to include some sayings from the authors that she loves, like C.S. Lewis and Victor Hugo. You will find a variety of quotes for almost any occasion. This is my favorite part of the process!

R.J. Palacio’s 365 Days of Wonder

365 Days of Wonder is the best book ever! I have a bookmark inside the book so that I can easily flip to the page of the day.

This book is the best mistakenly bought item that has ever happened to me. I remarked in an earlier post that my brother accidentally bought this book instead of buying the book Wonder. On the way to returning this book at Target, I was flipping through the pages in the car and realized how captivated I was reading these quotes. That’s when my mother saw me trying to take a billion pictures of all the pages in the book and she told me I could keep it.

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Sample of what a page looks like inside.

Consider borrowing, renting, or buying this book for finding quotes and also for yourself. Most of the quotes inside are based upon the concepts of kindness and genuineness. It currently sits on my night stand where I can easily open the page for each day of the year.


This social media app and website allows you to browse through an endless amount of quotes. Totally free, Pinterest also lets you keep your favorite ones under a board, which is collection of your saved items. This is where I discovered how to make this gift, too, so check this place out for inspiration! Simply search “quotes” or “inspiring messages” and you will find an array of precepts.

The Motivation App

This is another free app that gives you all types of quotes. Unless you pay, you cannot save quotes from this website, but if viewed on a smartphone or tablet, you can screenshot your favorite ones. On this app, I set a reminder to give me a quote-of-the-day. Every morning at seven A.M., I see a little banner pop up with some pieces of wisdom that I often think back to throughout the day.

If you need anymore places for inspiration, comment below and I’m more than happy to suggest some! Walking through stores, gazing at wall art, skimming a newspaper, or even just listening to the radio, you may see, read, or hear a quote that grabs your attention and compels you write it down. My best advice: keep a note document available on your phone or computer so that you can quickly jot these quotes down before you forget them.

Let’s Begin!

Step 1: As you find the quotes, write them down on the pieces of paper you chose. To make this time more enjoyable, turn on some music or have your favorite show on in the background. This is a moment to relax and find some tranquility. Have fun with this step!

I love extracting quotes from this book!

Step 2: You can either store your quotes in the bag or start putting them in the jar right away. I put mine in the bag so that it’s easier for me to count them out. I also tend to start this gift before I purchase the jar.

Step 3: As you notice your stack of quotes getting bigger, you can start counting to see how many you have. Maybe instead of doing 365 quotes, you only want to do a quote for the week or a quote of the day for only a month. Whatever floats your boat 😉

Step 4: Fold the pieces of paper and put them into the jar!

You’ve finished!

Gifting the Gift

The best feeling of satisfaction and bliss comes when I begin wrapping or package my quote jar. I write a card that goes along with the gift, explaining what the jar is, when to open it, and I always include the suggestion of keeping a journal for them to note their favorite sayings so that they never forget it. This is a timeless gift that elicits a lot of happiness and self-examination. I truly think the person receiving this gift will love it!

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A half-filled, half-read quote jar that I created for my dad.

Thank you for reading! I hope you all found a lot of inspiration from this post and are eager to create a jar. Start right now by jotting down the quote of this post below on a piece of paper or in a journal! You can even browse my posts for quotes, as they all finish with one. By far, this is my favorite gift to create!

If you have any questions, comments, or even made this, feel free to let me know in the comments below! Have a wonderful week and remember to stay warm and enjoy the fall season!

Quote of the post: “Even the darkest hour has only sixty minutes.” ~Morris Mandel


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