Tea Time!

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Spot a theme along the post? 😉

Hey guys!

Last Saturday night, the temperature was chilly enough to make me wear fuzzy sweatpants, an extra large sweatshirt, and closed-toe shoes. Perhaps I exaggerated a little bit, since it was only 66 degrees, but still! It was 66 degrees!

While I did my homework, lounging in my sweats, I decided to make some vanilla tea that I bought in last year in France. The taste reminded me of how tea can make study sessions and cold nights a whole lot more joyful.

From study sessions to morning pick-me-ups, I’ve learned there’s a tea for every time of the year. Here are my favorite teas, along with the best occasion to drink them:


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Favorite vanilla tea!

Occasions: Chilling out, studying, comfort

Favorite Brand: Pagès

While in Amboise, France, I happened to stop by a tea shop where the owner let me try a sip of this vanilla tea. I knew I had to get it! Over the past year, I have tried my best to scatter out the times I get to drink this tea, as I only bought a single box. I have two packets left!

This tea fits the chilling out mood the best. It’s has a comforting taste that doesn’t wake you up. Instead, it’s soothing. Definitely keep a box around!


OccasionsSick, Sore throats (!), Wake Up, Study, Winter

Favorite Brand: Celestial Seasonings

Since I was a little girl, this tea has been the go-to drink for whenever I’m sick. When I imagine myself at home, waiting for my cold or fever to pass, I think of this tea in my who-knows-how-old peace-sign Tervis mug.

I tend to drink this tea without any extra flavoring since the taste is strong. It’s a rejuvenating flavor that’s suitable for studying and staying awake. Also, when I’m sick, the strong mint flavor makes me forget I have a terrible sore throat. It’s a year-round tea!

Green Tea

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In the top right corner is my favorite green tea. I like the peach flavored one!

Occasions: Feeling healthy, early morning, caffeine boost

Favorite Brand: Bigelow

Besides its incredible health benefits, the amount of caffeine this tea has will no doubt keep you awake. Sometimes I crave this tea at night but for the sake of my sleep, I have to forgo it. If you want to abandon your usual coffee, try green tea!

The taste is super refreshing, leaving behind any bitter or overly sweet flavoring. If it’s too bland, try adding some sugar, honey, or even milk (I don’t drink tea with milk but I heard it’s good)!

Candy Cane Lane

Occasions: Winter, Christmas

Favorite Brand: Celestial Seasonings

Similar to peppermint, this tea includes a tang of sweetness from a candy cane. If you are searching for a Christmas-y tea, this makes the season all the more enjoyable. I have to remember to buy these early in the season so that I’ll get one before stores run out! I typically buy most of my teas from Shoppers, which is the closest grocery store to my house.

Jasmine Pearl

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My little walrus tea holder with some jasmine pearl tea.

Occasions: After dinner, studying mode, chilling out

Favorite Brand: (unknown because it was given in a bag from a neighbor)

During a family dinner at a friend’s house last December, the hostess brought out this jasmine pearl tea, and my mom and I literally served ourselves two or three cups! This is a special tea because instead of the traditional tea bag, you use tea leaves.

One option is to simply let the leaves unravel in your mug with the hot water, which tastes just as fine! Two years ago, my friend bought me this walrus tea leaf holder (see picture attached), which I use to hold the leaves. It’s the cutest thing ever, so I’m always looking for more teas that use leaves.

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A closer look at my walrus!

This tea is perfect for pretty much any occasion, as the taste isn’t overwhelming and instead feels peaceful. Also, it’s kind of fun seeing the leaves unravel when you pour the hot water into your mug.

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My walrus in a mug wishing you a fantastic week!


… And that’s a wrap! I hope you guys have an amazing week and get the chance to try some of these drinks. Have a favorite? Feel free to comment down below what teas you love! Teas are like a warm hug on chilly winter days for me, so I hope you feel some comfort on the cold days ahead. Cheers!

The quote of the post: “Sometimes it takes years to get the results you want. But you shouldn’t stop trying.” – Amal Clooney

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  1. I have to try some that you mentioned here, Victoria. Particularly the vanilla tea sounds good. As an aside, if you ever get to Boulder Colorado be sure to take the tour of the Celestial Seasonings plant. Not only is it fascinating to see how they manufacture their blends but you also get to go into the space/herb rooms for a good Wi-Fi. Their gift shop has at least 50 teas many that are not available in local stores. Another great blog! 🤗🤗

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