Wishful Wardrobe Thinking

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New York, New York. Some photos in this post are from a trip to New York. Enjoy the aesthetic!

Hey guys!

I hope you all are excited for fall to come. The exciting season reminds of the troubles I had with winter clothes when I last had my knee-high medical boot on (Are you new to the blog? Welcome! Check out this post for a quick guide to the start of my 7 month journey 😛 ).

Because of my hard time discovering what to wear that would be comfortable and right for the occasion, I want to share with you all the tricks I learned so that if you ever find yourself with an inconvenient medical boot, unless you currently have one (if so, check out this post for that boost of motivation you might need), you’ll know what to wear, how to wear it, and what things you should definitely wait to wear.

Let’s hop right into it!

Shoes Decoded

Day-to-Day: You’ll most likely be living out of just one regular shoe for the time-being. For school, I wore a black sneaker and my black boot. I found that sneakers for day to day is the best, not just because the doctor said so, but really because they’re less slippery and studier. On rainy days, make sure to wear an extremely durable shoe!

Summer time: I discovered a flip-flop with that will level out with medical boots: Yellow Box! The flip-flops linked to the name are the exact type that I had!

Heels with a boot? Totally doable for one night. This was me on Prom night!

Heels? Wearing heels with a boot is, in fact, possible. Would the doctor recommend it? Perhaps not. But for prom this year, I actually went with a three-inch beige heel and my boot. No obstacle was going to keep me from enjoying this famous event with my friends, haha!

Wait to wear: Any brand new pairs of shoes that are not specifically to be worn with your boot. Why? Because then one of the shoes will be totally worn and the other will be not be leveled. Unless you’re in a boot for a long time, maybe try holding off on those new pair of converses or Adidas shoes until you can fully wear them.

Pants, leggings, etc.

Having such a high and tight boot, I tried my absolute hardest to either wear comfortable leggings or skirts/dresses. I found that skinny jeans sometimes were itchy underneath the straps of my boot.

During the chilly months of winter, I found these twelve dollar pair of black leggings at Macy’s that I wore almost every weekend. They were really soft and easy to wear with both winter boots and medical ones. Plus, you can match a basic pair of leggings with almost anything, saving you both money and stress 😉

Boot Maintenance

The one number thing you have to always do when wearing a boot is wear a sock underneath. Even if it’s 100 degrees or you greatly dislike socks, the sock will stop your boot from a) getting really smelly, b) profusely itching your foot, and c) building up sweat from not wearing a sock. All are very true facts.

Scent problems? Odor Eaters eliminates that lingering smell you might encounter after the first month. I also found leaving my boot outside to air out for a little helped, too, haha!

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Brookfield Plaza. New York, New York. If you visit here, make sure to visit the crepe shop located on the right of this seating area pictured!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, comments, or anything else, please leave me a comment below! Thank you all for reading, and for anyone out there with a medical boot or any physical injury, I hope you know that you are going to get past this. It’s definitely challenging and disorienting, but you have the strength to move on.

Have a lovely week! Here’s this post’s quote:

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” – Maya Angelou




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