The Best Vegetarian Substitutes

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Hey guys!

Not too long ago, I published a post about moving towards a plant based diet. I tried it! Well, technically I’m still trying but until July, I successfully ate no meat for four months. Technically, I was a pescatarian. Special thanks to my cousin Michelle (@michietaylor) for the support and recipes!

The hardest part of being a vegetarian was dining out. The temptations are all around and some places have no veggie alternatives. But the easiest part? Finding really tasty protein/meat substitutes at home. Today, I’m going to share my favorite, microwave-heatable meals and some other interesting alternatives. Even though I’m no longer a vegetarian, I eat these things weekly. They’re the best!

Morning Star Farms: The fav brand

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Morning Star Farms Chicken Nuggets

Even before I tried going pescatarian, I already used Morning Star burger patties. I started trying their “chicken” nuggets— not made out of chicken, of course! Created out of vegetables, these chicken nuggets taste almost identical to their real counterparts. I might even say they are better than real chicken. I still eat them instead of real ones.

The spicy Morning Star Buffalo Wings also make great “chicken” nuggets. My friend tells me that since these buffalo wings have no bone, then I can’t call them wings, but I’m going to go ahead do it anyways. Warning: the spice is intense on these things. Make sure to have a glass of water and a lot ketchup when eating these.

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Another favorite type of patty. These buffalo chip patties will spice up your mouth so be careful

Garden Lites Superfood Veggie Cakes

Although low in protein, these Superfood veggies cakes are perfect for the person who doesn’t like eating vegetables (AKA my brother). No bigger than a muffin, these microwavable cakes have the texture of a baked good but mostly taste like carrots. They are loaded with vegetables and give you that perfect serving of veggies that you need for your meal.

Garden Lite Superfood Veggie Cakes

Tasty Bite Indian Cuisine

Before I went vegetarian, I was already hooked on these kits. The Tasty Bite Indian Cuisine packages make perfect meals for when you’re in a rush, lazy, or in the mood for Indian food but don’t want to wait for take out or make some yourself. They take exactly a minute to heat up, and I normally eat one of these with Food Should Taste Good Chips (The amount times that I’ve linked FSTG chips on this blog is unbelievable— clearly, they’re amazing!).

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We buy them by the box in my house since we eat them often

Since two serving sizes come in these kits, I sometimes share with my dad or brother for lunch on the weekends. My favorite flavor is the Channa Masala, which has spicy chickpeas. Tasty Bite Indian Cuisine also makes microwavable rice, too, in case that’s of any interest, but I’ve never tried it before. Definitely try the Madras Lentils flavor; it’s not spicy and pairs up well with jasmine rice.

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you guys are off to a good start to the week. If you try any of these or have some new veggie alternatives that I never tried, leave me a note in the comments below. Have a great day!

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