Perfectly Plentiful Plants

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Peru. P.S. These pictures have a theme: animals!

Hey friends!

Anyone vegan? Vegetarian? Pescatarian? Plant-based meal creator? I happened to watch this film called What the Health on Netflix and it’s convinced me not to eat meat! And having my favorite meal in the world compose of Pollo Guisado, that’s quite shocking.

If you have the chance to see What the Health, I do not know if you should see it. You might never eat meat again.  The movie dives into the poor treatment of animals in slaughterhouses, the disease these animals carry, false information on health websites, how sponsorships influence government info about health, and the documentary finishes with the encouragement of plant-based meals. The animals and environment pieces is absolutely saddening.

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Puno, Peru

Watching this hour and a half long film forced me to see often over-looked factors like animal cruelty and environmental rights.

I found that I really want to eat a more plant-based palate for a variety of reasons. The pictures of those innocent cows, chickens, and pigs all just getting sick and dying and then being used for meat made me feel so sad. As you can tell, I have included a lot of pictures of alpacas and llamas into this post because I love alpacas and llamas and if alpacas and llamas were being treated unfairly, I would feel really sad. I feel like I should give the same respect to cows, chickens, and pigs as I do to alpacas and llamas. Please enjoy the lovely photos of alpacas and llamas as you scroll.

If any of you do not eat meat, please feel free to share tips and good chicken substitutes because a Chick-fil-A currently sits five minutes away from my house and it’s really tempting. But, for all of the people who love burgers check out Morning Star Farms Veggie Burgers! I have eaten these for about over a year now and I love them.

Check out these interesting facts and positive vibes about what plant-based meals look like!

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Sacred Valley, Peru

Preferably Plant-Based


If you too plan on creating more meals that are plant-based, I really liked this video from Pick Up Limes, which is a vegan channel on YouTube. The creator stated some ways to consider going vegan, and it really convinced me that incorporating these sorts of meals are easy but ultimately beneficial.

If you are looking for great containers for packing up food, check out this post!

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Machi Picchu, Peru


I always heard talk that a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is expensive and requires a lot of work. Turns out, it’s false! Check out this awesome website called Plant Based on a Budget. They offer free meal plans from a single person to a family of four.

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Puno, Peru.

Eating Out?

Totally doable! My cousin (thanks @michelletaylor ;)) recommended this neat app called Happy Cow. Cute name, too! For a few dollars, this app will search your location for all restaurants that carry vegan meals. It works globally, so even when you travel, you can find places to eat without a hassle.

My world-trotter, travel expert cousin Michelle told me, over delicious Vietnamese tofu that she suggested I try one afternoon, that while she was in Argentina, this app worked really well for her and she found nice places that catered to her vegan diet.

Pin it!

Pinterest, arguably the source of all the recipes I make and where I gain creativity, has a lot of plant-based meals. The platform lets you navigate all sorts of free and often simple recipes. Pinterest definitely saves the day for me— especially for making really good and easy desserts!

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Machu Picchu, Peru.

Before this documentary, I never really understood what was going on in the meat packing industry. Apparently, according to Michelle, there’s another documentary out there called Cow Conspiracy that focuses on the treatment of cows. I haven’t seen that movie yet and I’m not sure I ever will.

Thank you for reading! I appreciate your lovely comments <3 I hope you guys have a wonderful week!






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