Travel Troubles: Snack Packing


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Boston, MA. Briefly stopped by Boston this past spring break. These photos, although a little astray from this foodie topic, correlate with my trip- enjoy! Processed with VSCO.


Hey there, friends!

Recently, it was my spring break! Instead of traveling to a sunny beach, relaxing under a palm tree, and sipping a piña colada, I actually went to tour colleges along the East Coast. The trip was especially fun because although college hunting often is coined as stressful—and sure, it can be— my family and I got a chance to bond over hours in the car but also put up with each other’s distinct music taste. Let’s just say, I’m glad to be home so that I can enjoy my pop, latino, rap, and old mix of music.

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Along my trip, I realized I forgot to pack something really important: snacks. I could not believe that I had spent the day before the road-trip making sure I had everything and I forgot to pack for the most basic need of all.

I am usually smart in packing snacks for most trips, with the exception of this one, because I get hungry every two hours. My parents are often in disbelief that I am hungry, but really, I eat a lot! Some people can skip breakfast; I cannot. Some people can skip a meal; I am privileged enough to say that I do not think I have ever. Others remark that they do not get hungry between meals; Sometimes, I get so hungry that I eat while I work out.

Snacks are just about my favorite things because one: it’s food, two: they are something I look forward to eating, and three: chocolate and peanut butter, if incorporated correctly, can count as a healthy snack!

Here are some of my favorite go-to snacks that I love to pack for trips. Most importantly, they are mess-free, delicious, and if you can convince yourself for most of these, healthy.

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Boston, MA. Processed with VSCO.

Cliff Bars

This tasty bar was created with the intention of being a convenient, healthy, and delicious snack for hikers. If you hike, I assume you understand how difficult it is to not only be hungry as you hike but also bothersome to pack a complicated snack that has enough protein and energy to keep you going. Hence, Cliff Bar became a popular snack for active people.

Rolled oats serve as the basis for this bars, but each type has its own different ingredients. My favorite flavors are the classic chocolate chip and the brownie flavored one. One important feature about these bars is that they are not nearly as crumbly as the thin and delicate Nature Valley’s oat ones. Seeing my snack all smooshed and broken at the bottom of my backpack calls for an even “hangrier” version of Victoria (hungry+angry= hangry).

Chobani Yogurt Smoothies

My friends at school know that I drink these smoothies almost every day. In fact, when they need help deciding which flavors are worth buying, they ask me and that’s really saying something. These on-the-go yogurt bottles also have fourteen grams of protein, so they keep you full longer and if you’re working out, they build that muscle. 😉

Jiffy On-the-go Peanut Butter

I could eat peanut butter at every meal; I probably eat it twice at day at breakfast and as part of snack. Side note: if you are a fan of peanut butter, try putting a serving of peanut butter on two toaster waffles for breakfast— it’s amazing.

Jiffy On-the-go peanut butter cups can be paired with pretzels, celery, apples, bananas, and foods that are often enjoyed with peanut butter. In addition to their compatible sizes, they are packed in one serving that fulfills the appetite.

Trail Mix

Is there a better way to combine salty and sweet and call it healthy? Probably not, and if there is, you need to let me know ASAP (I expect to see your response in the comments).

After researching about different food groups and their significance in the human body for a research project in school, if there is one thing that is crucial for fulfilling hunger, I discovered it is a strong balance of carbs and protein. When I buy a trail mix, I make sure that a serving has enough grams of protein to hold me over and also contains a moderate amount of carbs. Believe it or not, some trail mixes have little or no protein. And if I choose those, I get hangry again.

If you decide to create a trail mix of your own: good idea! This convenient choice allows you to pack your own portions in portable bags or containers. Smart thinking.

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Boston, MA. Processed with VSCO.

These are some of the snacks I wished I had remembered to pack. Had I packed these, I would have saved myself from being hangry in hours of driving in remote cities in the middle of Vermont where there was no food in sight.

Also! I really like going to the grocery store and seeing their pre-made snacks. In fact, one of the things I enjoy about traveling is my excuse to buy a lot of snacks for the road or the sky. I also never forget to pick up snacks like Cheese-Its, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Nutella combo packs. If you pack Nutella, bring a napkin. It’s really embarrassing to go through security with chocolate all over your face.

I hope you have a lovely week and thank you for tuning in!

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