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Venice, Italy

R. J. Palacio’s 365 Days of Wonder is probably one of the most influential books I’ve read; It’s a book full of precepts.

Here’s how I came across the book: My brother had to pick a random book to read over the summer a couple of years ago. He thought he was picking up R. J. Palacio’s Wonder, which turned into a movie last year, but he actually picked up her 365 Days of Wonder.

365 Days of Wonder is a book filled with quotes and precepts for each day of the year. If you have read Wonder, you may remember Auggie’s influential teacher named Mr. Browne. 365 Days is literally the book filled with Mr. Browne’s precepts. Palacio even includes letters written from Mr. Browne to other teachers, parents, and students for each month.

That book had such great quotes, from ancient proverbs to modern-day movie stars, that I ended up keeping the book for myself. I sometimes forget to check the quote of the day, but when I don’t forget, I try to commit the quote to memory if it’s a really good one.

That being said, I found that I enjoyed reading quotes because they had a lot of depth in little words. Sometimes, when I really like the quote, I investigate the person who said the quote and end up discovering how amazing this person was. It’s a pretty neat thing.

Proverbs, quotes, and precepts alike are motivational. In Palacio’s 365 Days, the author included quotes submitted by children in making the book. These quotes, often few words and although cliché, communicate simple truths of life that we need to hear. Even if they are from a Hannah Montana song or from Finding Nemo.

Reading good quotes is like a treasure. I have a small journal where I jot down my favorite quotes not only from Palacio’s book, but from calendars, songs, journals, and even some that I find randomly scrolling through Instagram. These quotes are sometimes hilarious and cheer you up, motivational and keep you going, and they can be universal truths stated beautifully.

Therefore, from finding power in small quotes, here are some of the best books, apps, and random things that have great quotes.

R. J. Palacio’s 365 Days of Wonder

Consider this book a compilation of the best quotes ever all put into one book that you can read every single day of every single year! It’s among my favorite books and the best buy for your buck.

Motivation App in the Apple Store

Here’s how I came across this app: I needed a planning app, kind of like an agenda but on my iPad for school. This app popped up while I was scrolling and I thought that an app named Motivation would be an app for planning with motivation. Actually, it ended up being an app where all you do is read quotes. I kept the app and it sends you a quote every morning. And the quotes are all centered around motivation, which is the thing we might all need in the morning. Also! It’s free.

Choose Your Calendars Wisely

This Christmas, I received an agenda that had a quote for every week of the year. I’m sure you might be thinking why I was looking for an agenda on my iPad if I already had a paperback agenda. I received this agenda after I made it clear that I needed an agenda. Although my calendar in my room is equestrian themed (I love horses!), there are plenty of calendars that feature quotes daily, weekly, or monthly.

Keep a journal for quotes…

So that you can look back on your favorites ones! Maybe you might open up a note page on your iPad or something and keep a list there. Sometimes I forget a really good quote I read somewhere and I get mad that I forgot to write it down. Keep something to keep track of these.

Since I started taking about quotes, I should probably be cheesy and totally cliché and leave you with a quote to get you started. Have a great day! And here it is:

Venice, Italy

“There are many great deeds done in the small struggles of life.” -Victor Hugo

P.S. A lot of the photos here are pictures of Italy: not only a beautiful place but filled with historical proverbs everywhere!

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