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Hey there! (And happy early Thanksgiving!)

This week, we’re focusing on meditating. It’s a simple practice that can benefit your well-being.

Meditation 101


Meditation is a practice that helps you concentrate on the present moment. Meditating allows you to clear your mind and listen to your body’s emotions and feelings. Often times, meditating helps people with stress.

In order to meditate, you do not have to set more than a minute out of your time. Some people prefer to meditate in the morning while others enjoy it before going to bed.

Headspace is a meditation website and free app that guides you through sessions. Whether you want to meditate at work, for small increments, or want to alleviate stress, Headspace has special meditation tutorials for you.

One of the things I enjoy about Headspace is that it offers free, guided meditations everyday. The sessions are normally short and if you enjoy the app, you can upgrade to its premium, where you pay a little each month (or yearly) for an abundance of awesome meditation tutorials.

Another cool feature about Headspace is that is has different types of sessions for particular mental problems. For example, Headspace has guided meditations for those who want to alleviate stress or anxiety. They even have session made just for kids!

If you happen to own an Amazon Echo or an Amazon Echo Dot, these devices also carry meditation tutorials. Occasionally, I’ll use my Amazon Echo Dot for a quick meditation. It’s really convenient because all I have to do speak to Alexa, the voice behind the Echo Dot, and it starts a quick session that I can complete in a minute.

Meditation can also be done without the help of an app or device. Simply dedicate a few minutes out of your day to focus on your breathing or simply close your eyes.

It takes a few tries.

The first time I started meditating, I was very restless and couldn’t keep still. I found it difficult to just breathe without having my mind think of something else.

Also, I tried meditating in the morning right after I woke up. I thought that perhaps meditating right after I got up from bed would clear my mind, but instead I actually fell back asleep.

If you find yourself thinking of everything but the present moment, or you just feel anxious throughout the session, please know this is normal. Just like most talents and practices in life: practice makes perfect.

Take the next ten, five, or even just one minute to try meditating. Again, check out Headspace to get some free meditating tutorials.

Thank you for reading this post! I hope you can incorporate a few minutes of meditation throughout your day or week.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you all get to enjoy some delicious food!

Much love! 😉


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