Victoria likes… Food Should Taste Good Chips!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

Welcome back to my latest series called Victoria Likes! In this series, I will talk about some of my favorite, healthy things that may be helpful, convenient, or inspire you to try something new!

Today, Victoria likes…. Food Should Taste Good Chips!

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FSTG chips are seriously delicious. Just like their tagline says: Super Long Name. Super Delicious Chips. 😉

These FTSG chips can be found in any grocery store, right where the normal chips are placed, except these chips aren’t normal. At. All.

No kidding, these chips are seriously delicious. And get this, they are made of healthy ingredients! FSTG chips are made up of real ingredients, like quinoa, sweet potato, black bean, and more.

My favorite flavor has to be the Multigrain Tortilla Chips. I put them on the side with sandwiches, eat them with lentils, and make for some good chips and salsa.

If you have been passing down the chip aisle in the grocery store and are hoping to find the perfect, tasty, and nutritious chip: Food Should Taste Good chips are the way to go!

Favorite Ways to use FSTG Chips:

  • Accompany some beans or lentils with a serving size of FSTG chips (serving size is on the back of the package)
  • Add a serving size of FSTG chips alongside a sandwich, wrap, or burger
  • Use FSTG chips with guacamole or salsa 

Don’t forget to make these meals balanced, too!

If you would like some more recipes on how to use FSTG chips, check out the recipe page on their website (click on “recipe page” above).

Ever since I’ve bought these awesome chips, I have been using them ever since. I highly recommend that you check FSTG out!


Please let me know what you thought about Victoria Likes series! I hope these small posts and new products will inspire you to create something new or try a new idea.

Thank you for reading this blog post! I hope you are ready to try some Food Should Taste Good chips. A new blog post comes out every Wednesday! (#wellnesswednesday)

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