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Welcome to Talk by Victoria for all new readers! Continuing with my back-to-school trend, today I am going to talk to you about the important and healthy snacks that you’ll need for the school year.

Whether it be snacks for your lockers, snacks for after practice, or even in/between class, the snacks I’m recommending to you today require no cooking/ preparing whatsoever, can be bought at any local supermarket or grocery store, and are relatively inexpensive.

All of the snacks featured either are or create a snack that is filled with good protein, some complex carbs, and energy to keep you going throughout the day.

Let’s get started!

Already Packaged Snacks

Snacks that are ready for you to grab and go!

  • Chobani Yogurts

Found Where: In the dairy section or in a refrigerated area

These yogurts are definitely one of my favorites! These taste really good, but what’s incredible about these is the amount of protein each yogurt brings. For example, the coconut flavored Chobani greek yogurt has 12 grams of protein, enough to keep your stomach feeling fuller for a longer amount of time.

If you like smoothies, Chobani also makes incredible yogurt blends. I love these for after school or after practice because they are portable and still contain good protein.

Yogurts are a great option for snacking. They usually contain great protein, sometimes contain fruit (or you can add it on), and also give your body good calcium, which is important for adolescents. Check out the yogurt aisle!

  • Bagel Thins

Found Where: Bread aisle

Bagel thins can be both a good breakfast and a good snack. A regular, large, and white breaded bagel contains a lot of simple carbohydrates that do not have good energy, however, bagels that are made of whole wheat contain complex carbohydrates that are great for energy and clear thinking.

In the photo above, right next to the bagel thins are also bagel minis. These are not only quite cute, but also small enough for a snack.

Several people feel that carbohydrates are something to avoid, however, research has proven that choosing the right sort of carb, like a complex carb, benefits the brain, gives energy to the body, and even has protein.

Tip: When choosing bread, take the one made of whole grain or whole wheat. These sorts of bread contain complex carbohydrates and are good for not only the body, but the brain as well.

  • KIND Bars and Z-Bars

Found Where: Protein bar, granola, or breakfast food aisle

KIND bars have been a favorite go-to sort of bar for a snack and for breakfast. These bars are really tasty and are made relatively thin and small, so you can fit these in a bag or locker easily.

Z-Bars are designed for children, but some adults choose to use this bar as a snack themselves. They come in a variety of flavors, so these are ideal for small kids.

These sorts of protein/granola bars contain complex carbohydrates and protein. They also contain good fiber, which aids your digestive system.

Tip: When buying any sort of protein or granola bar, make sure that the carbohydrates and protein are about or nearly equal in grams. For example, if there are 13 grams of overall carbs, but only 2 grams of protein, consider switching to a protein/ granola bar that contains a lesser gap between the numbers.

Sweet-Tooth Snacks

The snacks you need when a chocolate craving hits!

HELPFUL TIP: To withhold from over indulging, I recommended you prepackage these sorts of snacks in small plastic bags or containers according to their serving size. This way, you will already see and know the serving size and a large quantity of the snack won’t be at your disposal. Try this out!

  • Bark Thins

Found Where: Packaged food aisle


Bark Thins are small pieces of dark chocolate bark, normally with something additional in them, like almond or coconut. My favorite has been the dark chocolate with sea salt, but I think that every single one I’ve tried of this brand has been amazing. Definitely pick up a pack at your local grocery store!

  • Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups


Found Where: Near candies

Justin’s is one of my favorite brands (see Victoria Likes… Justin’s Nut Butter!). One of their products includes these awesome dark chocolate peanut butter cups. If you are a fan of Reese’s, check these out!


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Thank you for reading my post, awesome viewers! I hope these snacks are helpful and are as tasty for you guys as they are for me!

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