The Deal with Dessert

The questions you have about dessert are answered now.


Dessert is okay to eat. Consuming dessert or sweets depends on two important things: what type of dessert you eat and how often you are eating it.

Type of Dessert

A big portion depends on what type of dessert you eat. For example, eating a piece of fruit every night after dinner as a dessert instead of candy bar is far better and will not yield the same sort of effects that a candy bar will.

Overall, dessert is not bad to have as long as it’s eaten in moderation. This means that if you decide to have dessert, you should follow the portion size to avoid overeating. If you are eating a dessert that was either manufactured or packaged, the back of its container usually shows its portion size. Stick to eating the serving size suggested.

Healthier Alternatives for Dessert

  • Try eating something naturally sweet for dessert like a fruit. You may find that just a single piece will satisfy your sweet-tooth.
  • Try baking your own dessert. This prevents you from eating something prepackaged that may contain lots of chemicals that promote shelf life in food.

Whether you choose to have a piece of cake or a piece of fruit, make sure all is eaten in moderation or the correct portion size.

How Often?

Lastly, dessert also depends on how often you are eating it.

Eating dessert every day may not be the best choice, particularly if you are eating a very sugary or processed sort of dessert. To practice good moderation, consider having dessert perhaps every other day. This way, you consume less of dessert, and also learn to really savor the treat.

Avoid eating dessert twice a day. You may not realize you are eating more sweets than recommended. A person should eat no more than 100 grams of sugar per day. That may sound like a large number, but remember that sugar also exists in things like ketchup and cereal. If you are eating a lot of these and also eating really sugary and processed dessert, consider cutting back on one or more.


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