No Gym? No Problem

Use your smartphone to workout. In this post, I recommend some of the best and free apps to download for workouts that can be done anywhere. No gym or equipment necessary.

Apps for Working Out

Lots of free apps designed to create workouts at home are available for smartphones and tablets. From yoga to cardio, these workouts can be done everywhere. Even in front of the TV. Here are some of the best FREE apps to download:


From a five minute ab workout to a sixty minute yoga session, all can be guided by Sworkit. This app lets you pick the type of workout you want to do and also lets you choose the amount of time you would like to workout. Sworkit it out anywhere! Click here to download it now.

Downdog Yoga

Downdog yoga is a real studio, but it has also created a free yoga app. From beginner to experienced, this app offers all types of yoga levels. It’s easy to follow along with their videos and it makes you feel as though you were in a studio! It even lets you listen to some yoga music when you workout.

Nike + Training 

Olympians, celebrity trainers, celebrities themselves: your next personal trainer. This app features workouts done by athletes and celebrities that provide all different types of ways to workout. You can even start a program with this app that sends you notifications to stay on top of your workout schedule. Videos and tutorials are also included with every workout.

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