How Dark is Dark Chocolate?

Not dark at all! In fact, consider eating this type of chocolate everyday.

Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

If you eat quality dark chocolate (pure dark chocolate that is not part of candy bars), you may receive great benefits from consuming this type of chocolate.

According to Authority Nutrition, dark chocolate contains iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, and fiber. Our bodies need a certain amount of these minerals a day, and dark chocolate is a way of satisfying those needs (although it may not satisfy the full amount).

Studies have shown that dark chocolate is one of the best providers of antioxidants, as it comes from the cocoa tree (in case you are unfamiliar with what an antioxidant is, click HERE).

Dark chocolate has been proven to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. A study revealed that by eating dark chocolate 2-3 times a week reduced blocked arteries (that often cause cardiovascular disease) by 32%. Lots of studies have proven that consuming dark chocolate lowers the risk of heart disease in humans.

Need a food to reduce sun damage to your skin? Dark chocolate contains a compound that increases blood flow to the skin, which increases hydration and also heals sun damage. But, please still wear your sunscreen!

Dark chocolate makes you happier. Dark chocolate contains tryptophan. The Huffington Post reports tryptophan is an amino acid that helps the brain produce serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy. Dark chocolate also contains caffeine that often gives a short-term boost in energy.

How Much Can I Eat a Day?

Dark chocolate has a lots of benefits and for chocolate lovers out there, we can now eat chocolate guilt-free! Yet, we must keep in mind to not exceed the recommended amount, as we would be hurting ourselves by eating too much chocolate just like we would be hurting ourselves if we were eating too much of something else.

1-2 oz or 30-60 mg of dark chocolate a day should be enough to receive its health benefits, as recommended by the Cleveland Clinic. 

Whatever type of dark chocolate you choose to eat, just check the nutrition label to make sure that you do not eat more than the serving size given, in the case that the recommended amount exceeds the serving suggested.

How to buy the Right Dark Chocolate

Purchase pure quality dark chocolate to get its good benefits. Check out these tips below to buy a good, enjoyable, and healthy dark chocolate.

Here is what to look for when buying dark chocolate bars or squares:

  • Check that it is organic
  • Make sure it is non-GMO
  • The higher percentage of pure dark chocolate it is composed of is better


Who knew how awesome dark chocolate could actually be for our health? I hope you all loved reading this post! Feel free to comment below or email me:

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Have a lovely week!!

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  1. This was a great article with substantive information. It’s great to know so many advantages of one of my favorite foods and the only chocolate I like.


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