Keeping Healthy Habits on Vacation

Vacation is meant to be a time to decompress, to enjoy yourself, and have fun! It also means trying new foods, discovering tasty desserts, and even just lounging around.

Wherever you are traveling to, you can always keep good eating habits without ever having to sacrifice trying all the delicious food out there. Below is a list of recommendations and suggestions you might want to reference and keep in mind over vacation.

  1. Bring Protein Bars for Healthy Snacking

When we are hungry and haven’t eaten in a few hours, we will normally grab whatever is at our disposal. To prevent grabbing packaged and calorie-dense snacks sold at the airport or the train station, pack some of your favorite protein or granola bars that have enough protein to eat as a snack.

  • Check out some of these bars online or at your grocery store:

2.  Drink Enough Water 

If you can, bring a water bottle with you on your trip. You can refill these in public areas where there are water fountains, possibly at the hotel, or at a house if you are residing with relatives.

If you cannot bring a water bottle with you on vacation, considering purchasing a plastic water bottle to carry with you once you arrive at your destination. If water bottles are easy to carry, try to drink a glass of water at every meal.

On vacation, we often forget about how dehydrated our bodies are from traveling, walking, or being in hot and dry locations. Don’t forget to drink enough water to prevent dehydration!

3. Control Your Portion Sizes

It’s vacation, so don’t skip out on meals you may never have the opportunity to try again. To avoid overeating, order small portions or small meals. Split a meal or dessert with someone who is traveling with you.

Perhaps ordering lots of small appetizers and sharing them with friends or family will not only be a lot more diverse and spark up good conversation, but will also allow you to try new foods.

4. Start with a Strong Breakfast

In bed and breakfast hotels, typically there will be a buffet style breakfast. Try to get some protein (think eggs, oatmeal) and complex carbohydrates (whole-wheat breads) in your breakfast to kick off your day. You’ll have a good energy and will be less likely to snack on food throughout the morning.

5. Be a Tourist and Do Some Walking

You might be doing a lot of hiking and activities already on your vacation, so you can skip worrying about getting enough steps in for the day.

But, for those who are planning on lounging around and sitting down all day relaxing, you should aim to at least get some steps in the day. Perhaps you might want to take a walk around the town you are staying at or take a stroll along the beach. Visit some of the local tourist attractions to get some walking.

Some hotels have a gym, and if you are open to getting a gym session in while vacation, check out to see if where you are staying at has a gym.


Enjoy yourself, the location, and the food while you are on vacation. If you happen to eat dessert every night or not even a take step off the couch, don’t worry about it. As long as you are happy with your choices and know that this type of behavior will only be temporary, why guilt yourself about it?

Have a lovely trip! And when you return, let me know if any of these tips worked!



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