Easy and Fun Ways to Stay Active During Summer

Hello there! Summer is an awesome time to take a nice break from school and studying and engage in some awesome activities both outside and indoors!

While I normally write about how to eat healthy, getting enough exercise is crucial to maintain good health. Exercise strengthens muscles, helps pump oxygen and blood throughout your body, and can be a lot of fun! The United States Department of Agriculture recommends 60 minutes of exercise a day for children and adolescents 6-17 years of age.

Because summer usually means great weather to enjoy the outdoors and to get some exercise in, I formulated a list of fun activities for you to try. Some of these are quite simple while others might be more elaborate. Either way, these are great suggestions to get out there and move, regardless of your location!


For Beach Locations

Beach locations offer a variety of things to do beside swimming (although keep in mind: swimming is still an awesome workout!). If you are by the beach and in need of some ideas on what to do, check out below:

  • For people who like to exercise with friends and like competition:
    • Volleyball. If your beach area does not already have some volleyball nets up, you can purchase one or even create one to put on the sand and enjoy playing with friends and family. Get a tournament going and have fun! For some instructions on how to play, click here.
  • For people who would prefer to exercise by him or herself:
    • Run/Walk on the Beach. Make sure you have some good sneakers and stay hydrated! Taking a nice run, walk, or stroll on the shore might be a fun thing to try if you love to run by yourself. Ask a parent or trusted adult to come along and if you are not old enough to be by yourself or to make it more social! Don’t forget to layer up on sunscreen 😉


For At-Home, In the neighborhood, or At-Gym Workouts

One of the great things about exercise is that you can do it anywhere! While you watch TV (yes- even while watching Netflix 🙂 ), you can do the workouts below. What’s even better about working out at home is that no one is watching you and you have the liberty of being in the comfort of your own home. You might also find that you can enjoy the outdoors in your own neighborhood, too.

No equipment is required, although you might want to do these in an area with enough room to complete the exercises and a yoga-mat might be comfortable to work on.

  • If you have a smart phone or tablet:
    • Apps that offer great workouts (And are FREE!): 
      • Sworkit
      • Nike + Training Club
      • Downdog Yoga (Absolutely LOVE this app! Perfect for yoga for all levels. Highly recommend downloading this app!)
  • If you want to do things in the neighborhood:
    • Go for a walk. Walking is still a healthy exercise and can be done everywhere! If you have the opportunity to walk around where you live, like your neighborhood or somewhere close by (and your parents are okay with it), do it! Listen to music while you walk, but make sure not to play music too loud to be cautious of your surroundings. Ask a friend to tag along or ask your parents to join you.
    • Go for a bike ride. Have a bike? What about a scooter? Take a ride around the  block or in your neighborhood.


For Park Locations

Getting some great sun, being outdoors, enjoying nature, and being able to work out? Sounds awesome! Try these really fun activities below in a park.

  • If you love to run:
    • Take a Trail Run/Walk. A majority of parks have trails that are paved for runners and walkers. These trials often have great scenic views and are filled with the wonders of nature the park has to offer. Check them out and ask a parent or friend to come along and join you.
  • If you love wildlife and water:
    • Canoe or Kayak. Summer is the best season to try a new activity or sport because of the weather! If your park is by a lake, river, or a body of water, see if you can rent a canoe or kayak and explore the water! This is creative way to get exercise and get to be outside by the water.


Other Awesome Activities:

These activities are some other cool ways to get some exercise and absorb the sun!

  • Go hiking. Perhaps you know a park, trail, or terrain location where you can go hiking. Make sure that if you plan on doing this that you go with an adult.
  • Swim at the pool. Swimming gives a great full-body workout and some neighborhood pools even offer a swim team for those who love to compete and enjoy swimming. Just make sure to reapply a lot of sunscreen. Being underwater does not stop sun rays.

Make sure to get out in the sun! Remember to get enough exercise during the summer and enjoy it! This is a fantastic time to try a new sport or activity that perhaps you’ve always wanted to do.

Comment below! Whether this helped or you would like some more info, let me know! I am also available by email: talkbyvictoria@gmail.com

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-Much love! xoxo, Victoria

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