If you are anxious to start really eating healthy, whether it be to feel better about the nutrients you are putting into your body or just for educational purposes, you came to the right place!

On this blog, I strive to provide you truthful information about how to eat well to reach your full potential: physically and mentally. On top of this, I offer creative, quick, and easy to do recipes that are healthier alternatives for everyday food. To read a post I wrote for the young and lovely teenage girls out there who are using this blog as a way to learn how to be a conscious eater, click here.

If you are new to this website, welcome! If you wish to learn a little more about me, click here. If you wish to find something specific or want to surf a particular category of mine, look to the right on this page and you will see a header labelled “Category.” You can view or search the different posts I have written there. Otherwise, below, I will outline for you how to begin your journey to start eating nutritiously!

  1. Making the Decision to Eat Consciously for Yourself

There is a beautiful quote I have come across that says it all: “Note to Self: You gotta do this for you. This is for you. This isn’t about anybody. Live for you. Honor you. Never lose sight of that.”

Perhaps, if you find that quote as motivational and inspirational to you as it was for me, you might want to write down on a sticky-note or jot it down somewhere on your phone. It should serve as a reminder that you are taking this step of choosing to eat healthy for yourself. I promise you this will be a choice you will never regret.

2. Education

There is a lack of education about food before people dive into trying to eat healthy. How can a person eat healthy without knowing what is nutritious and what is important to eat? 

It is so important to really learn what it is you are feeding your body. Knowledge really is power. To learn about food groups and the classification of food (knowing how much your body needs of carbohydrates, protein, vegetables, etc…), click HERE to see my blog post called Overview of Food Groups and Classification. You can also search for it under my blogs.

3. Starting to Create Balanced Meals

Now, I have assumed and I hope that you have read my post about the overview of food groups, how important each one is, and how much you should eat of it. In case you have not, see above for the link.

Starting to formulate good meals requires you to eat balanced meals. The image below is from the United States Agriculture Department called choosemyplate.gov, and it shows what a balanced meal should resemble. When you are making your meals, try to follow this example.


To get you started on some ways to make balanced meals, click on the posts below of mine to see recipes that I have made that are super easy, quick, and quite fun to make. I explain in each of these posts how to create these foods and why each one is a healthier alternative.


4. Create and Stick to Your Eating Habits

It will require some patience and time to get into the habit of really creating a balanced meal instead of deciding to pick up something that is unhealthy. Remember that eating healthy is for you to prevent disease, receive your proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It is not supposed to be a diet or leave you feeling unsatisfied. If you create balanced meals, it should leave you feeling full with good energy.

In case you are interested in some interesting posts I have written about how eating certain foods can improve your mental health, clink on the posts listed below. I strongly feel that knowledge really is the key to achieving a good health.

If you wanted some more tips, click on my posts below.

I hope this post helped you begin taking small steps to eating right. Eating well means eating to reach your best health.

Feel free to comment or let me know your thoughts about this post and several other posts. Email me at talkbyvictoria@gmail.com or go to my contact page and send me an email there.

Stay positive!

Photo Credits: philly.com

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