To all Teenage Girls,

Hello World!

Specifically, hello you beautiful, young teenage girls.

I’m Victoria and your next motivator and blogger that will provide you will advice, tips, and the truth on how to eat well for teenage girls.

It is shocking to hear that 80% of teenage girls are unhappy with the image of their bodies. It is even more depressing to hear that 1 in 4 teenagers will diet to change the shape of their bodies. Above dieting and the continuous low self-esteem from teenagers, only 13% get the recommended daily nutrients.

These statistics is what encouraged me to do research on healthy eating habits for teenage girls, ages 13-18. With the research I did, I created an app (available only to Android devices) that gave girls a solid platform on what receiving a balanced diet looked like.

Through this blog, my goal is to provide teenage girls a guide to creating long lasting, constructive, and nutritious eating habits that will help them reach their own full potential and embrace their confidence. I will reference some of the research that I have done, pulling advice from the app often, and also giving tips that will help you take steps toward achieving a lifestyle that you are content with.

While you navigate these posts, I would like for you to keep in mind that I know you are a wonderful girl already. Each human being has uniqueness and special talents. No one’s journey through life is the same, and no one’s body is either. Every body is a beautiful body.

Please, feel free to comment or email any questions, any recommendations, or just your thoughts about the posts. Remember always, I am here to give you a solid platform about eating right without ever having to restrict your body from the food it needs.

Learn, get motivated, and be inspired to care for your health!







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